Here at The Dog House, we know that sometimes you may need a little help. From new puppies to seniors, we have a variety of training options to help you and your furry family members learn to communicate!


By enrolling in this course you will set the foundation for the rest of your pet’s life! They will learn the basic commands and so will you! How to train your pet is equally important to the training itself. You want to make sure you start early and correctly! This class is a great place to start, even if you skipped the puppy class. All pups must be older than 16 weeks and ready to learn! 

Duration- 5 weeks
Price- $250


Sometimes, as pet owners, we struggle to help our dogs with unwanted behaviors. If we do not understand why our dogs exhibit certain behavior, it makes it difficult to find a solution. This class will help with reactive dogs by learning to reinforce good behavior while stifling the negative ones. Reactive behaviors can include a variety of problems such as: biting or nipping, leash reactivity, kennel reactivity, food aggression, other reactive or resource guarding issues.

Duration- 5 weeks
Price- $350

Private Sessions

Some people and dogs will need help with things that may not be addressed in our classes so we offer 1 hour one on one sessions with our trainer! Our trainer will help assess the issues you are having and help train you to communicate with your dog to better your relationship with them. One on one sessions will give you undivided attention from our trainer who will focus on the overall communication between you and your dog. 

Requirements for Group Classes and Private Sessions

Current on rabies, distemper, bordatella
Negative fecal within 6 months

Meet our Trainer!

Mike Ward

I’m Mike Ward; the founder of Pack Mentality Dog training.

I have extensive experience with multiple breeds throughout my over 20 years of experience, while developing several techniques through my unique perspective.
My ultimate goal is in helping clients gain a better bond with their dog, while seeing the world through your dogs eyes through proper canine obedience training.

Utilizing both ‘Evidence based training techniques’ as well as our canines natural behaviors and instincts, we learn how to communicate clearer with our dogs.

Obedience work is about learning a new language, which in turn, creates a deeper and more satisfying relationship with your dog.

I look forward to being an instrumental part of your training and canine behavior educational experience.