New Daycare and Boarding Clients

Welcome to The Dog House!

We are so very excited to welcome new 2 and 4 legged friends to our new home!

Below you will find all the information you will need to start the process to register your account with us.  Please read the requirements and instructions carefully, creating a second account or not meeting the requirements will delay the process.

You can find further information about our services or frequently asked questions on our website as well or you can give us a call if you do not see any answers to your questions.

Please be patient with us since we are still under construction at our new building, we do not have pictures on the website yet.

Step 1: Register with Gingr


Having 2 accounts will slow down the process for you and us since one account may not be complete causing it to take longer to get you scheduled.

If you have not registered through our Gingr app yet, please click NEW CUSTOMER below to start your account with us. You can also click here to open the tab in a new screen or you can download the new Gingr App in your app store on your phone!

Android users click here for the app

Iphone users click here for the app


The system can only hold one email address so please make sure that is the one you will check for any communications with us. We will only send out emails that are for receipts, sales, updates on services, hours and any other necessary information.

Please make sure to fill out as much information as possible and sign the daycare and boarding waivers and grooming waiver if you plan to have your dog receive any bathing or grooming services with us.

Step 2: Submit Vaccinations

You can either submit your vaccinations by uploading them into Gingr or emailing them directly to us at  Please allow us time to look them over and get them into the system before giving us a call.

You can view our requirements for daycare and boarding here 

Step 3: Give us a call to set up the evaluation

The evaluation is a day of daycare where you will bring your pet in for at least 4 hours where we can meet them and they can meet us.  This will give us the ability to see how your pet does in our setting and to make sure we are a good fit for them.  You can view more information about the evaluation process here

Step 4: Schedule daycare days or boarding

Once your pet completes the evaluation day and they have passed, you can now book daycare or boarding stays! You can request daycare and boarding reservations via phone, in person or through your online Gingr account. Clients are responsible for maintaining up to date vaccine records with us which are needed before we can book and services.  All new daycare clients will need to pass a probation period of 5 visits before you can purchase packages.  This means that after 5 daycare days or boarding nights, we will have a better feel about how your pet will do long term with us. 

We also highly encourage all new clients to read through our FAQ page which covers all kind of typical questions we get.